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Handbook of VR Booth Contractor Policies


Balloon Fiesta 2023 - VR Balloon Experience Vendor Booth

Independent Contractors : 1 manager, 2 operators


Balloon Fiesta VR Vendor Booth Contractors - Roles / Duties / Expectations



Our main objective is to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience to all guests at the VR Booth. While we aim to give as many experiences ("rides") as possible during the event, our main focus is the customer experience. Limiting the number of dissatisfied customers and achieving a zero complaint event is our mission. We want to be invited back to set up this booth every year from now on, and providing a good experience to all guests is mission critical to that goal. Our secondary objective is to give as many "rides" as possible during this nine day event. Our goal is 2000+ "rides" / 45 rides per hour during all peak hours.



The hardest part of this job is the early hours, managing the traffic and coordinating transportation. All staff are expected to be on the field no later than 4:00am. This is when we will begin booth setup and the booth will be operational no later than 4:30am. It is absolutely critical that all staff arrives on time and communicates any delays or inability to work with as much forewarning as possible. Without enough staff, we will be unable to operate. If we are not operational during all required event times, we will lose the opportunity to operate in subsequent events. 


Balloon Fiesta requires that we are open for business: 

  • Morning Events 4:30am – 11:00am, Evening Events 4:30pm – 8:00pm. 

  • Evening events, staff is expected on the field no later than 4:00pm.

Contractors are expected to coordinate rides/parking passes with other staff members efficiently. DO NOT the leave the field with a parking pass if you are not working the next session. Parking passes are limited and expensive. If you leave the field with a pass needed for the next event, that will make getting everyone to the field for the next session very difficult. We will establish carpool/meet-up points in the coming weeks to manage transport for all staff. Please work with each other to be proactive in communicating transportation and parking pass hand-off.


Event Schedule


Session1 : 4am-Noon ,   Session   2: Noon-9pm


Session 3 : 4am-Noon ,   Session   4: Noon-9pm


Session5 : 4am-Noon, ,   Session   6: (TBD) Noon-9pm (2 Staff)


Session 7 : 4am-Noon, ,   Session   8: (TBD) Noon-9pm (2 Staff)


Session 9 : 4am-Noon, ,   Session   10: (TBD) Noon-9pm (2 Staff)


Session 11 : 4am-Noon, ,   Session  12:  Noon-9pm


Session 13 : 4am-Noon, ,   Session   14:  Noon-9pm


Session 15 : 4am-Noon, ,   Session   16:  Noon-9pm


Session 17 : 4am-Noon,  Session 18: Noon -5pm (teardown)


Sign up for sessions via the Google Form that was emailed. PLEASE only sign up for sessions you are SURE you can commit to attend. Failure to arrive on time, or missed sessions will put great strain on the entire operation. We are counting on each and every staff member to arrive on time for their scheduled sessions. If you are unable to make it, PLEASE communicate immediately with the staff manager on your session  so we are able to make arrangements to cover your absence. If you become sick (fever, coughing, etc) please inform the manager and stay home. It is very important that we do not spread any illness. Masking is encouraged but not mandatory.


  • In addition to managing customer relations, Manager's main role is to maintain the continuous flow of visitors in the most efficient manner possible. The goal is to provide 45 "rides" per hour during peak/ rush times.

  • Payments & Waivers: Greet visitors, take credit card payments and ensure all guests sign waivers. This will be done digitally for all payees, and physical paper copies for minors (or those allowed to pay cash) Manager MUST be sure that every visitor has signed the waiver. The goal is to have all 15 visitors paid and signed while the current "ride" is taking place. This means you have 10min to take payment and waivers. At peak times this would allow for approx 45sec for each visitor.

  • Managing support staff: Utilize support staff to 1.)  guide visitors to their seats, help focus headsets for those with vision impairment, sterilize equipment. 2.)  Assist in taking payments and waivers for the next group.

  • Manager's main role is to ensure that all visitors have the best experience possible. This means making sure the support staff is friendly and helpful at all times and any visitor with complaints or issues are handled appropriately.

Support Staff-
  • Operator 1: 

    • Great visitors, and them a Hygienic Face shield, and escort them to their seats.  

      • "Please watch your step as you make your way to the back of the tent and find a seat.  Pick up your VR headset on your chair seat and place it on your lap as you sit down. Be careful not to push the buttons on the top of the faceplate. Please do not put the headset on yet.  Please direct your attention to the monitor for instructions''

    • PLAY INTRODUCTION VIDEO, (30seconds) 

    • After/during the intro video, individually help all visually impaired visitors to focus their headsets.

      • "If anyone begins to feel sick, remove your headset and raise your hand. There is an air sickness bag taped to your left arm rest. Please do not huck on our headsets or chairs. We will assist you immediately if you raise your hand. When the experience ends, do not stand up until you have your bearings. VR can be disorienting and take all the time you need to be sure you can walk out safely.  Enjoy your flight!"

    • Once everyone gives a thumbs up. Engage the Headjack program.

    • Assist with payments and waivers while the 10 min program runs.

    • When the program completes, instruct all guests to return the headset to their seats and exit the booth.

      • Please remove your headsets. Welcome back to actual reality. Please take your time. When you are ready, stand up and return the headset to the chair seat just as you found it. The exit is this way. Thank you for flying with us today!

    • Coordinate with Operator 1 to replace the headset cushions with sterilized cushions and wipe down headset surfaces with disinfectant wipes. Place previously used cushions into the RED bin. 

    • Assist Manager with payments and waivers.

  • Operator Member 2

    • Great visitors, and them a Hygienic Face shield, and escort them to their seats. "Hello please find a seat starting at the rear of the tent. Please pick up the headset sitting on the chair, take a seat, and place the headset on your lap. 

    • After the intro video, individually help all visually impaired visitors to focus their headsets.

    • When all guests are ready, give the thumbs up to start the program.

    • Place the cushions from the red bin on the racks of the UV sterilization cabinet, close the door, and run a 5 min cycle. 

    • Watch all guests during program, help anyone who looks like they need assistance.

    • If any guest removes their headset, immediately go to their aid.

    • Do not allow anyone to stand up if they are experiencing vertigo, be ready to hand them an air sick bag, instruct the guest to focus on a point outside the tent and breathe deeply.

    • Place sterilized cushions into the clear bin.

    • When the program completes, instruct all guests to return the headset to their seats and exit the booth.

    • BE SURE no one is tampering with the connections and/or attempting to walk off with a headset. 

    • Once all headsets are on the seats, remove cushions and place them into the "used" bin.

    • Check each seat's USB cord to be sure none are too wound up around the seat post (observe any guest that has been spinning in a single direction during program) 

    • Wipe each headset with a sterilization wipe (taking care to avoid the lenses)

    • Make sure each diopter is returned to "0"

    • Wipe lenses CAREFULLY to be sure they are free of smudges or fingerprints

    • Replace sterilized cushions on each headset.

    • Communicate with Operator 1 and Manager when the booth is ready for the next group to enter.

SICKNESS Procedures:

  • Try to hand any guest who looks queasy an airsickness bag as quickly as possible. If they take off their headset, bring them a bag. (Let's hope no one pukes)

  • If anyone vomits, immediately go to the box marked with a medical cross to retrieve and use the clumping powder.

  • Escort anyone who is grossed out outside before they get sick. Offer them another ride, or a refund.

  • Inform anyone in line that we will need at least 10min to disinfect

  • Replace the chair or headset, if necessary. Use the rubber gloves and paper towels to dispose of the mess. 

  • Use ShopVac to finish removal.

  • Sprinkle vomit powder and let sit for 5min.

  • Once the booth is tolerable and the mess is cleaned/hidden, resume operations.

KAREN Procedures (Jesse will deal with this whenever possible):

  • At an event this large, it's inevitable we will have some jerks.

  • The goal is to get them away from the booth and dealt with as nicely and quickly as possible. 

  • Ask them to step away from the booth so you can take care of them.

  • Ignore any nonsense and just be friendly and kind.

  • Give them a refund and tell them you are sorry they didn't enjoy the experience.

  • Again, the goal is to get them away from the booth and get back to operations.

  • However, if someone is verbally threatening or yelling, instruct one of the operators to call Fiesta security. The number will be on the side of the UV cabinet.

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